Corporate Technologies

Since our commencement into the IT field in 2002, Corporate Technologies has remained true to our aim of delivering premium software solutions that enhance our customer’s product productivity and their profitability. We are mainly concerned with software package development, web application, embedded systems, mobile applications, 3D cinema, game software’s, animations, brand promotions and so on. Our services are spread across a range of strategic domains. We established our presence in the software field by introducing a Digital Dictionary for the first time in Kerala in 2002. Even within this period, we had attained dramatic progress and thus had won the heart of many reputed clients. Now, after completing a decade in the IT industry, backed with unmatched technical expertise and insights, we have maintained the highest levels of compliance and quality that go with changing times and technology. We are accompanied with a crew of talented designers, software experts, project managers, creative directors, concept developers, content writers, marketing team, and so on who are always willing to help you sincerely. Located in India, Corporate Technologies is a full on website designing / branding firm, catering to those who are serious their online presence with advanced technologies.