English English - Hindi Dictionary

This is a very useful tool for finding out Hindi meaning of English words and vice verca. It has around 60000 English words. Students as well as businessmen are equally benefited by this software. In Google play this application was downloaded over 500000 times and still continues to be the best of its type.

English English – Hindi Dictionary Software is a tool which the users help to reduce harder ship to finding out meaning of English words and vise versa. The meaning will be displayed along with English details, so this will help to English learners go with this product. It has feature that is audible accent of English words. We assure you that Hindi people can never neglect this beautiful product.

Advantage of bundling such a product

This package will carries an advertisement on the search page, so people who are using the software couldn’t avoid you from their viewpoint even if it’s a pirated or installed one. The advertisement can be included about your firm and services. There is a link available to lead to your website if any on a click. Advertisement Details 500 pixel Width and 200 pixel Height

Cost for this promotional package

We will provide the software in paper cover and CD sticker bear your firm’s advertisement. Rs.25/-per copy (For DVD pack Rs.35/-) and minimum order requirement is 5000 copies. Hope that it would be worth full gift to your customers.