Making a logo design is not just about creating an appealing visual, A Logo, specially designed as your Brand Identity, can give you a unique recognition and to stand out in the crowd. A well chosen Logo can work wonder for your business. What you are doing, or taking part in, is developing a brand and communicating a position. It makes sense, then, that the first step in creating a logo design should be to research these concepts. A Logo is the crucial initial investment that will ensure your company's success in a long-run, and we bet you will not regret on your investments. Corporate Technologies, with a crew of professionals, offers you high-end designing services. Involving the client at this early stage is advised, as your interpretation of their brand may be different from others, and it is essential that the message is clear before any actual designing takes place. Corporate Technologies ensures the creation of perfect business logos. The creation of a perfect Logo will opens you the door to successful marketing and branding, which eventually leads you to a successful business establishment. A Logo, which is a perfect representation of your business, will leave a lasting impression of stability and credibility about your business on the viewer's mind. A logo which is not designed professionally may reflect your business as a poorly organized and under capitalized venture. Usually we provide 3 original concepts, up to 2 iterations along with editable source File. Completion in 4-5 business days.

brochure Design

Corporate Technologies brochure design services offer the one-stop solution for all your brochure graphic design needs. Our professional graphic designers create eye-grabbing, informative, and
aesthetic designs. Some of our salient features are specified below:

  • Offering a widest range of aesthetic & unrivaled range of design services.
  • Portfolio of brochure designs reflecting our diverse range of services.
  • Offers utmost priority to customer satisfaction.
  • Affordable prices for outstanding designs
  • We foster creativity and originality.

Brochure graphic design is the most vital off-line marketing tool. Corporate Technologies are not offering a bunch of graphic designers, but a crew of professionals that conjure and create brochure designs following detailed research about your niche and target audience. Our professional team analyses your objectives, research and write the copy, commission the photography, create the brochure or catalogue design, produce, print and deliver to your complete satisfaction.

Web Package

We undertake designing of web pages for your firm which helps the give and take of information easy to manage and access. Our team of web designers is capable to help you reflect the mission of your firm through your web site.


The words BRAND and BRANDING are thrown around by all sorts of people in different contexts and with different meanings in mind, so it may help to start by asking “what exactly is a brand”? The first answer is that a brand is a set of associations that a person or group of people makes with a company, product, service, individual or organisation. To illustrate the idea, let’s take what is arguably the best-known product – or brand – in the world. The value of social media is a no-brainer. Today’s top marketers have fully embraced the power of content, user-driven communities, and brand-to-customer conversations. The problem is, some brands will do everything by the books -- posting consistently, hiring full-time community managers, and implementing analytics -- and still fail to achieve a return on investment. Your social channels resemble a field of chirping crickets rather than a lively and vibrant community.